Psalm 15

A Psalm of David

1 LORD, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill?

2 He who walks uprightly, and works righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart;

3 He who does not backbite with his tongue, nor does evil to his neighbor, nor does he take up a reproach against his friend;

4 In whose eyes a vile person is despised, but he honors those who fear the LORD; he who swears to his own hurt and does not change;

5 He who does not put out his money at usury, nor does he take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved.


He speaks the truth in his heart.  What does that mean exactly.  I mean “walks uprightly” and “works righteousness” seem pretty straight forward.  They speak to how you behave and what you do.  Verse four is again pretty straight forward in that it speaks to who do you look up to and respect.  It speaks to are you good for your word even when it is contrary to your best interest to be so.  Verse five is about do you put material and financial concerns over what is right.  But speaking the truth in your heart, that’s the tricky one.  It is about the inner stuff that nobody knows about but you and God.  Do you do what is right because it’s the right thing to do, or is it because you want to feed your own pride and self-righteous ego.


Elsewhere the scripture tells us that men look at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.  I think that is the essence of speaking the truth in your heart and the key to the rest of this list.  If you truly seek righteousness with your heart, then the rest can’t help but follow.

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